NR5 Victor Foxtrot Table Lamp

€ 1.490,00 tax incl.

The head of the table lamp is movable. The reflector made of brass creates warm light and contrasts the straight technical design.

Material: brass, aluminum, steel

Dimensions: T 28,5 x B 19,5 x H 54 cm

Specifications: 230 volts, 35 volts secondary, with ballast, 2 x 6W LED, 1100 lm, 2700K, CRI 90

Details: limited edition of 10 pieces

More details

If a detail is substantially, then the result is something special. This is one of the guiding principles of Florian Vogel. Vogel founded the label VICTOR FOXTROT in 2012 after eight years in the design team of Ingo Maurer. The products are characterized by the clean shapes and craftsmanship.... Read more